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Bean Handle

It takes its name from the shape of the fustella which creates a bean-shaped handle. They always present the blast and a thickness of 60 microns. Available either in generic, in various colors, or printed with the customer's favorite logo or fantasy.

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22+(4+4) cm x 35 cm       50+(8+8) cm x 60 cm

25+(5+5) cm x 40 cm       55+(8+8) cm x 70 cm

30+(6+6) cm x 50 cm       60+(8+8) cm x 60 cm

35+(6+6) cm x 50 cm       60+(8+8) cm x 70 cm

40+(7+7) cm x 55 cm       60+(8+8) cm x 80 cm

45+(7+7) cm x 60 cm

For special requests concerning the measures, do not hesitate to contact us


Print up to 6 colors (3 per side), possibility to create cliché with customer logo with additional costs​

*** Minimum quantity of customized bags to be ordered 100 kg, unless stocks in stock of generic fractional lots.

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